RD24 Power

Female socket 3+PE, screw termination, VDE, SEV, UL approval


Series 692/693

Number of contacts

Variant 3+PE

Contacts: 3+PE, female panel mount connector, PG 9, with VDE, ETS, UL approval, screw

Ordering number 09 4224 00 04
Connector locking system bolted
Termination screw
Wire gauge (mm) max. 2,5 mm²
Wire gauge (AWG) max. 14
Cable outlet -
Degree of protection IP67
Mechanical operation > 500 Mating cycles
Upper temperature 100 °C
Lower temperature -40 °C
Rated voltage 400 V
Rated voltage UL 600
Rated impulse voltage 6000 V
Pollution degree 3
Overvoltage category III
Material group III
Rated current (40°C) 16 A (12 A UL)
Volume resistivity ≤ 5 mΩ
Material of contact CuZn (Messing)
Contact plating Ag (silver)
Material of contact body PBT
Approval 1 UL
Approval 2 ESTI+
Approval 3 VDE